How to make a post on Instagram

Instagram Social Network is the world leader in traffic. 500 million active users come here daily. Billions of pictures, videos and stories are spreaded around the world daily, collecting likes, reposts and comments.

So, what makes the social network so popular?

Many people think that the Instagram trick is in the posts. Users easily post publications. Followers easily take them.

If you correctly place a post on Instagram, you can become a recognizable person or brand in a short time.

How to post on Instagram

Initially, the social network was adapted to the screen size. More than 95% of users work with it on their smartphones. In order to upload a new post just click the plus sign on the screen.

For others’ attention! You need to download the emulator for Insta posting with the help of the desktop device. Log in to your Google account, install the Instagram app, log in to your profile. Because of the emulator, the social network treats the PC as a mobile device.

How to post on Instagram – image posting

The application will offer you to select an image in your gallery or to make the new photo on the camera.

Then you can process the photo. Don’t ignore this opportunity, it will add originality and liveliness to the content.

Important: Perfectionists advise to choose professional apps for processing of photos. Here are the most popular:

  1. Snapseed – a program for all occasions, which provides 20+ tools for post-processing of images;
  2. VSCO – an application with interesting filters;
  3. Adobe Photoshop Express – a collage maker. The different text styles can be added with the help of it.

The standard Instagram filters will help you to smooth out the photo, to change the brightness and contrast, to detail the image, to make the hue a little bit colder or warmer. Users change directly in the application saturation, depth and sharpness of the image.

A couple of unspoken rules for last:

  • it is better if all your images are in the same style and all are square;
  • followers like images with a positive attitude and positive emotions;
  • advertising posts are interesting if they show products in use;
  • don’t overload the image with unnecessary details;
  • choose bright colors!

As soon as the picture is ready, you need to add a description to it.

How to post on Instagram – text adding

Your post will attract even more attention if you properly add the description text to the image. To attract the attention of a subscriber, you need to be consistent and attentive.


This important part of the text primarily attracts attention. In just a few seconds, the person decides whether to read further. Therefore, the title should be short and catchy.

A little trick: The attention of followers will increase a lot if the such words are used in the top – a good offer (new; discount; free), the extreme interest degree (unbelievable, but true; never has happened before; secret), the restriction factor (there are only 5 left, have time to make a decision).

Use this trick, but don’t overdo it – excessive manipulation can scare people away.

Post text

If the title of the image description is a wrapper, then the text should be candy. A good description of the picture reveals the essence of the post. It should also:

  • inspire confidence;
  • hold attention;
  • enhance the meaning of the photo.

A little hint: There are “eternal” topics that will always be interesting to followers – these are quotes from great people, motivation, useful cases and a ready-made solutions for a problem, ratings and lists, business developing stories, reviews and life hacks, myths with its rebuttals, insides from the companies’ lives, info leads. Is checked: users save, share and add likes to this content.

Speak the single language with users, and then you will be provided with a constant flow of subscribers, clients and customers.

Post design

Do not write more than 2200 characters. Divide if not squeezed into the volume. It is likely the followers will look forward to the continuance.

Divide the text into the sections not longer than six sentences. Each part of the post should carry the single complete thought.

The sections are separated by a hidden space or emoji, conveying the mood of the text.

Note: Do not overdo it with emojis: it might seem a student wrote the post.

The list signs, arrows and other checkmarks are also work well in the description.

How to schedule a post

You can do this on your desktop device with the help of the certain applications. Here are the most popular programs:

  • Onlypult. The service is appreciated for the built-in calendar, planner and analysis of user activity. Paid subscription.
  • Smmplanner is a watermarking program that search for the most popular posts. The service offers 50 free posts per month. You can use it for free during the test period.
  • Smmbox quickly plan and post. It is free for 2 weeks test period.

Knowing the simple basics and principles of Instagram posting, you can repeatedly promote your brand and lead your business to another level!

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