How to make a post on Instagram

April 7th, 2021

Instagram Social Network is the world leader in traffic. 500 million active users come here daily. Billions of pictures, videos and stories are spreaded around the world daily, collecting likes, reposts and comments.

So, what makes the social network so popular?

Many people think that the Instagram trick is in the posts. Users easily post publications. Followers easily take them.

If you correctly place a post on Instagram, you can become a recognizable person or brand in a short time.

How to post on Instagram

Initially, the social network was adapted to the screen size. More than 95% of users work with it on their smartphones. In order to upload a new post just click the plus sign on the screen.

For others’ attention! You need to download the emulator for Insta posting with the help of the desktop device. Log in to your Google account, install the Instagram app, log in to your profile. Because of the emulator, the social network treats the PC as a mobile device.

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How to delete a profile in Instagram

April 7th, 2021

The popularity of Instagram hits record numbers. Every day millions of people exchange photos, find like-minded folks, build their businesses. Still, it might be the other way round. Some people want to delete their Instagram account. 

There are several reasons of leaving the social network. The most widespread one is creating the second account. However, the users delete their accounts due to the following: 

  • annoying ads of the chat-bots;
  • breaking the privacy policy (reluctance to share the private life moments);
  • non-consent with the policy of social networks, when the account data are used for the marketing purpose;
  • saving time (the busy schedule of the users often becomes the reason for quitting social networks). 

You need only a few minutes to delete your account, but you need to know that you won’t be able to restore it.

Instagram warning! Upon complete deleting of your account its photos, followers, likes and commentaries will be deleted for life without the right to restore them. If you delete your account permanently, you will be able neither to restore it under its previous name nor to add it in another account. It will also be impossible to link the email from the permanently deleted profile to the new account.

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